Foundation Art Zuid believes it is important that children learn from early on how to deal with outdoor art. Therefore, during each edition of ARTZUID, a special education programme for primary schools, secondary schools and special needs learning is composed. Stories are available for preschoolers to get acquainted with the sculptures. The educational material is available free of charge thanks to sponsoring by Rabobank Amsterdam. The children gain insight into the development of contemporary sculpture. The educational material expands on various art movements and the use of different materials, techniques, shapes, surfaces and use of colour. Attention is also given to the unique location of the sculpture route: architect H.P. Berlageā€™s Plan Zuid (1917). Foundation Art Zuid is committed to create a greater awareness of sculpture among children with the aim of letting them understand and appreciate visual arts. The children are told that they can’t climb or draw on the sculptures in order to encourage looking closer. at public art. ARTZUID is an educational and cultural outing where students can gain CKV credits. 

In 2011 Art Zuid won a prestigious EU cultural heritage award in the awareness and education category: the Europa Nostra Award. More than 120 schools have visited ARTZUID the past few years.