• Initiative: Cintha van Heeswijck-Veeger
  • Curator: Jan Cremer

Around the world, equality in diversity, a title that refers to the historical travel history of Amsterdam, is changing into World World, in which the emphasis is on equality in diversity, the unity of the world and the global reach of art. ArtZuid 2011 wants to contribute to this.

Titel: Equality in diversity

“This group of works is contrasted with the work of non-Western artists. In making this choice the exhibition does not seek to take a stance in the battle of principles surrounding the notion of global art. The starting point is the sociological reality of the population of Amsterdam, which is multicoloured and international, as a result not just of recent migrant flows but also of the city’s globetrotting history stretching back centuries. “- Bert Jansen, Kunsthistoricus

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