Stichting Art Zuid believes it is important that children learn from early on how to deal with outdoor art. Therefore, during each edition of ARTZUID, a special education programme for primary schools, secondary schools and special needs learning is composed. The children gain insight into the development of contemporary sculpture. The educational material expands on various art movements and the use of different materials, techniques, shapes, surfaces and use of colour. Attention is also given to the unique location of the sculpture route: architect H.P. Berlageā€™s Plan Zuid (1917). Stichting Art Zuid is committed to create a greater awareness of sculpture among children. 

In 2011 Stichting Art Zuid won the Europa Nostra Award from the European Union. Over 10 years, more than 45,000 school children have visited ARTZUID. In Amsterdam, a generation is growing up with knowledge and appreciation for sculptures in public space.

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