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Tot 17 oktober 2021 Tot 17 oktober 2021

ARTZUID is the Sculpture Biennial of the Netherlands and makes art accessible to everyone free of charge.


Various tours

Stichting Art Zuid organizes various art history tours through Amsterdam Zuid. Group and private tours can be booked. The group tours take place in the weekends.

Between 1 July and 17 October, it is possible to take part in a guided tour of ARTZUID 2021. The art historian will take you past the highlights of the sculpture exhibition during a one-and-a-half-hour walk.

The popular Hildo Krop tours started again this summer. Come along for a walk and be surprised by the wealth of sculpture by Hildo Krop and his contemporaries in the public space of Amsterdam Zuid.

Ralph Keuning Curator ARTZUID


The 7th edition of ARTZUID will take place from 1 July to 17 October 2021. Under the supervision of curator Ralph Keuning, 50 artists have been invited who work from the basis of engagement. This year the sculptures are figurative and expressive in nature. “Especially now in a time of strong opinions and hard discussions, an open meeting place of art is important. The work of the artists participating in ARTZUID is both activist and contemplative and very diverse,” says Keuning.

Beelden magazine

Now also proud publisher of Beeldenmagazine

In early 2021, ARTZUID became the proud publisher of Beeldenmagazine. Also known as the magazine for sculpture lovers, sculptors, collectors, and commissioners of art in public space. Regular features include an extensive exhibition calendar of sculpture initiatives in the Netherlands and Belgium, interviews with artists, municipal collections, new art commissions, and columns by leading sculpture experts such as Jan Teeuwisse.



ARTZUID ART CAMP, the place to be in Amsterdam for kids who want to discover art. Where they playfully learn about different art forms and materials, meet new friends, and visit new places. Above all, the place where your child can let his creative mind run free.

Upcoming ART CAMPS:

  • Autumn break (Oct 18 – 22)

NEW – in the webshop

Prepare for your visit to ARTZUID 2021 in advance by ordering the catalogue and roadmap. You can read up on the works of art at home and look up the location of your favourite works. Would you prefer to walk along the sculpture route with an experienced guide? Then book the ARTZUID Groupstour.