Hildo Krop 2020

In 2020 it will be fifty years since artist Hildo Krop (1884-1970) passed away. With the special theme year Hildo Krop 2020, a large number of cultural organisations will reflect on the significance of Krop as an artist and idealist. Starting out as a confectioner in Steenwijk, Krop set out on the path of art in 1906. After studies and internships, his career got off to a flying start in 1913 thanks to a prestigious commission for Het Scheepvaarthuis on the Prins Hendrikkade in Amsterdam. For forty years from 1916, he worked part-time for the city of Amsterdam and so many sculptures by his hand appeared on the street scene that in 1956 it earned him the honorary title of city sculptor. In addition to his work for the city, Krop also carried out commissions and free work in his own studio. This increases his visibility both inside and outside his city. In this programme you will find the organisations involved offering special arrangements for the celebration of Hildo Krop 2020.

Programme of participating organisations

ARTZUID Viering Hildo Krop 2020

Hildo Krop (1884 – 1970)

ARTZUID Programma

ARTZUID – Façade sculpture tours

Hildo Krop and contemporaries

The abundance of sculpture in the public space is tremendous in Plan Zuid by Architect H.P. Berlage. If you pay attention, you see sculptures everywhere in the streets. Artist Hildo Krop takes center stage with his work, that is always there for a reason.

In addition to the artworks of Hildo Krop, there are also sculptures of his contemporaries to be admired in Plan Zuid, for whom much less work remained. They were mostly dependant on Amsterdam School architects that worked for private clients. One of such was Gerrit Jan Rutgers, who gave beautiful commissions to a number of artists. During this expressionist movement art belonged to the people and it had to adorn buildings, gardens, squares and bridges. The members of this movement desired a close community. In the current age of individualism, this period of Dutch history therefore deserves extra attention.

ARTZUID – Berlage Tours

Discover the hidden artworks of Hildo Krop and his contemporaries during the ARTZUID Berlage tours. Every Saturday and Sunday from 6th of june onwards, our art historian will take people of all ages through Plan Zuid of architect H.P. Berlage along buildings, gardens, squares and bridges. Come and immerse yourself in the abundance of sculpture present in the public space. A tour you don’t want to miss! Groups can book this tour on any date via [email protected]

Amsterdam Sculpture Biennial – ARTZUID
Starting point tours
Apollo House, Apollolaan 15
1077 RV Amsterdam

Grand Hotel Amrâth Amsterdam Logo

Grand Hotel Amrâth Amsterdam

The career of Hildo Krop is off to a flying start with his contribution of façade sculptures to the first and later also the second component of Het Scheepvaarthuis. These sculptures clearly show the growth the arist went through over time. His console portraits from the period 1913-1916 are more modest and less elaborate than his expressive works from the period 1926-1928. H

Hildo Krop 2020 arrangement

Experience the iconic Scheepvaarthuis and get to know more about one of the most versatile artists of the Amsterdam School. Book an exclusive arrangement in this Grand Hotel full of art and history.

Grand Hotel Amrâth Amsterdam
Located inside Het Scheepvaarthuis
Prins Hendrikkade 108
1011 AK Amsterdam

Hildo K

Hildo Krop Museum

Exhibition ‘The faun in the work of Hildo Krop’

The figuration in Krop’s sculptures is often rather enigmatic. This is especially the case when Krop introduces the faun in his artworks. Between 1916 and 1930 he produced many works in which the faun takes a prominent place. During the Hildo Krop 2020 anniversary year, this mythological creature in his work is highlighted by the Hildo Krop Museum by an exposition as well as the publication of an abundantly illustrated book.

In addition, the Hildo Krop Knowledge Center is digitally accessible. This website – with approximately 3.000 photographs and descriptions on over 300 pages – gives the fullest possible overview of the work of Hildo Krop. Visit: www.timswings.nl/hildokrop

Moreover, the municipality of Steenwijkerland has the intention to place a bronze sculpture from the collection of the Hildo Krop Museum in the public space in Steenwijk. With this, the municipality wants to emphasize the importance of the sculptor in his birthplace.

Hildo Krop Museum
Gasthuislaan 2
8331 MX Steenwijk

Stedelijk Museum

Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

The Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam has been exhibiting furniture and other designs for the interior for almost 125 years. From 1934 these are also actively collected. From 1929 the Stedelijk Museum has added nearly 30 pieces of Hildo Krop to their collection and his work has been on display in many exhibitions. The most recent are the exhibition ‘Living in the Amsterdam School’ in 2016 and the current collection presentation STEDELIJK BASE.

Exhibition ‘From Thonet to Dutch Design: 125 years living in the Stedelijk’ with work of Hildo Krop

In this exhibition, highlights from the history of design can be seen, intertwined with the presentation and collection history of the Stedelijk Museum.

Well-known designs by the brothers Thonet, Gerrit Rietveld, Charlotte Perriand, Verner Panton, Richard Hutten, Hella Jongerius and others are interspersed with unknown or never before shown pieces of Bertha Bake, the Wiener Werkstätte (a.o. Vally Wieselthier), Lambertus Zwiers, Nanna Ditzel, Patrick Jouin and Aldo van den Nieuwelaar.

Furniture and sculptures by Hildo Krop are also included in the exhibition as imporant examples of the Amsterdam School.

The exhibition runs from July 2020 – March 2021.

Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam
Museumplein 10
1071 DJ Amsterdam

ARCAM - Hildo Krop Viering

ARCAM – Architectuur Centrum Amsterdam

Photo exhibition ‘The contemporary ornament’

In the summer of 2020, ARCAM will reflect on the theme year Hildo Krop 2020 with a big photo exhibition about the contemporary ornament in the Amsterdam street scene.

In which way were contemporary architects inspired by the city sculptor of Amsterdam of the 20th century? And what is the meaning of the ornament today on the social, communicative and functional level? Illustrated with the most beautiful architectural photography, we look for the meaning of the contemporary ornament in this free-to-visit photo exhibition.

The photo exhibition can be seen at ARCAM from 9 June to 15 November, Tuesday to Sunday from 13:00-17:00.

ARCAM – Architecture Center Amsterdam
Prins Hendrikkade 600
1011 VX Amsterdam

Amsterdamse School Museum Het Schip

Amsterdamse School Museum – Het Schip

Museum Het Schip celebrates the Hildo Krop festive year with various activities including cycling tours, workshops and lectures. Krop made special sculptures in and around The Ship. The weekly themed tour ‘Treasures of Public Housing’ at Museum Het Schip starts on Saturdays at 14.15 hrs.

Amsterdam School Museum Het Schip
Oostzaanstraat 45
1013 WG Amsterdam