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Take your class to ARTZUID 2021 between 15 May and 19 September! Due to COVID-19, it is compulsory to register your class in advance. The sculpture route in Amsterdam Zuid is an ideal cultural getaway in the open air. The pupils learn about art in public space and get acquainted with the way of thinking of participating artists. Fifty sculptures by contemporary artists are exhibited on Minervalaan and Apollolaan. We have chosen for an exciting presentation of sculptures that are expressive and figurative. From artists who work with engagement and intercultural in nature. The exhibition is therefore full of diversity, young and sparkling. Something that will certainly appeal to schoolchildren.

There is a lot to learn and experience at ARTZUID!

The exhibition is titled IMAGINE, based on the song John Lennon wrote fifty years ago. An invitation to listeners to follow him in his crusade for a better world. One hundred years ago city sculptor Hildo Krop foresaw that artists could make a contribution to a better society. Lennon did that with a song. Krop with sculptures on facades and bridges in Amsterdam. His sculptures are like pamphlets in which he pleads for a better position of workers, gender equality, education for children, the importance of nature and the relationship between people and animals. These two artists are the inspiration for the chosen participating artists in ARTZUID 2021. What about the ideals of Lennon and Krop? And what about the current state of the world. Think about the climate, human rights, discrimination, refugees, etc.

What do we offer?

The educational material includes:

  • A lecture letter for teachers on the theme of the exhibition IMAGINE;
  • A preparatory assignment for pupils in the classroom;
  • A roadmap;
  • Assignments along the route with the possibility of booking two educational assistants to accompany the class during the visit to ARTZUID.
    Duration of the guided tour is 1 hour;
  • The teaching material is for different levels and ages.

This offer is available at a cost of €150 per class.


After the group tour, the class can visit the ARTZUID workshop:

  • Primary schools and special education make plaster sculptures with their classrooms.
  • High schools are given an introduction lesson in 3D design with their class. All designs will be printed in 3D and exhibited on the Oracle Wall of Fame.
  • Duration of the workshop is 1.5 hours.

This offer is available at a cost of €5 per student.

The ARTZUID schools programme was made possible by ORACLE.

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Practical Information

  • You can visit ARTZUID with the class between 15 May and 19 September 2021.
  • Registration is required due to covid-19 measures and possible crowding at the information pavilion.
  • We accept the CJP Culture Card.
  • Costs art €150,- per class for the guided tour and teaching materials, optional 2 educational guides
  • Final workshop €5,- per student.
  • Amsterdam primary schools can use the Culture Bus free of charge to visit ARTZUID. Please note: you have to book this yourself.
  • The meeting point is the ARTZUID Information Pavilion on the green strip near Minervalaan 1.
  • We can be reached by public transport with tram 5 and 24 and station Zuid. For directions, see


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Artzuid kunsteducatie scholenprogramma
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