Find out what’s on offer at ARTZUID 2019. Talk to an artist, come and do some craft work in our Education Pavilion or have a debate with an architect about Berlage’s vision. Have a look at all the activities here.

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By artist PJ Roggeband

Book now the special expedition of artist PJ Roggeband that meanders past remarkable details of the Amsterdam School, hidden courtyards, shiny facades, green pearls and beautiful anecdotes. This tour shows the powerful past of this neighborhood and the richness of this ‘open air museum’. Under the motto ‘between the lines, between the tiles’ he also zooms in on the in-between space, where the stony environment and nature collide. Where grey and green compete for a place.

  • Green WANDER SAFARI by Artist PJ Roggeband.
  • Duration: 75 minutes.
  • Various dates in June, July, August and September.
  • Special children’s version (8+) on 17 July, 31 July and 7 August.
  • Starting point: ARTZUID Information pavilion on the green strip near Minervalaan 1.
  • Book below or register on the spot.
  • NOTE: the tour is completely in Dutch

Price: €10

For more information, please contact [email protected]

** If you submit a booking for the coming weekend after Thursday evening, you must bring the confirmation email to the DWAALSAFARI in order to take part in the tour.



ARTZUID x Grachtenfestival

Facade Sculptures tour & Picnic concert: Babylon Quartet

Grachtenfestival and ARTZUID Amsterdam Sculpture Biennial join forces! The Babylon Quartet plays folk music from the past and present on the sunny Minervalaan park. During this picnic concert you will listen to two beautiful quartets by Haydn and Dvorak, inspired by early Eastern European folk music. The diversity of the string quartet is evident during this concert when the Babylon Quartet plays popular music from the sixties as well as the old masters. The four young strings conclude with cheerful music by Joni Mitchell and The Beatles, among others. Come and enjoy the nice weather and beautiful music while you record the images of top artists in a relaxed setting.

  • When: 18 August from 10.30 to 14.00
    • 10.30 Facade sculptures tour
    • 12.00 Picnic concert Babylon quartet
    • 13.00 Local picnic
  • Registration and payment can be done online as well as on the spot.
  • Gathering for facade sculptures tour at least 15 minutes in advance.

For more information about the facade images tour and picnic concert, please contact [email protected]

Book your facade sculptures tour

ARTZUID Annex Amstelveen

This time ARTZUID goes out to Amstelveen. A solo exhibition by Klaas Gubbels between Museum Jan van der Togt Museum and the Cobra Museum connects the old city centre with the new city centre.

  • 19 May to 15 September
  • Solo exhibition Klaas Gubbels (incl. new work)
  • Existing collection Amstelveen
  • Sculpture route along public art in Amstelveen
  • Starting point: Museum Jan van der Togt

For more information about ARTZUID Annex Amstelveen, please contact [email protected]

More information

Crafts workshop

Let your children take part in a creative clay workshop at the ARTZUID craft workshop during the weekend. The children learn to tell a story by modelling the clay, while parents can enjoy a drink on the ARTZUID terrace.

  • Creative clay workshop
  • Duration: 1.5 hours
  • Every Saturday and Sunday from 16.00 – 17.30 hrs.
  • Under the guidance of our educational staff
  • Location: Educational pavilion next to the Information Pavilion, Minervalaan 1.
  • Various dates and times.

Price €15

For more information, please contact [email protected] 

More information

Artist talks

Meet the artists of ARTZUID 2019 in person!
During the Artist Talk, the artist will talk about the development of his/her oeuvre, discuss his/her work and work process in more detail and talk about his way to ARTZUID. There will also be a look at the works of art at the exhibition, where the artist will give an explanation about the work. You will have the opportunity to go in conversation with the artist and ask questions.

  • ±1 hour Artist Talk
  • Meet the artist in person
  • Listen to the stories behind the artwork
  • Location: ARTZUID information pavilion (Minervalaan 1)
  • Various data (under development):
    • Sunday 18 Aug: Sachi Miyachi
    • Saturday 24 Aug: Irene Fortuyn
    • Saturday 31 Aug: Gabriel Lester & Morgan Betz
    • Saturday 7 Sept: Ivan Cremer & Judith Wiersema
    • Sunday 8 Sept: Theo Jansen & Elsa Tomkowiak
    • Sunday 8 Sept: Johan Tahon & Ivan Cremer
    • Saturday 14 Sept: George Struikelblok
  • You can register online as well as on location

Price: free of charge

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Artist Talks Ivan Cremer foto Alphons Nieuwenhuis
dwaalsafari PJ Roggeband
Grachten festival
Buurtpicknick Grachtenfestival
ARTZUID Annex Amstelveen
ARTZUID_2015_archief_Klaas Gubbels_Née de la Terre_33 artzuid annex amstelveen
ARTZUID knutsel atelier
artist talk FOTOGRAAF VERMELDEN Miryam Faken - Kunstenaar Ivan Cremer (8)