ARTZUID activities and collaborations

In addition to organising the Amsterdam Sculpture Biennial, the Art Zuid Foundation also engages in all kinds of activities and collaborations. Talk to an artist during the exhibition, come and do some tinkering in our Education Pavilion or have a debate with an architect about Berlage’s vision. View all activities during and around the exhibition here.

WANDER SAFARI      ARTZUID Annex Amstelveen


By artist PJ Roggeband

Book now the special expedition of artist PJ Roggeband that meanders past remarkable details of the Amsterdam School, hidden courtyards, shiny facades, green pearls and beautiful anecdotes. This tour shows the powerful past of this neighborhood and the richness of this ‘open air museum’. Under the motto ‘between the lines, between the tiles’ he also zooms in on the in-between space, where the stony environment and nature collide. Where grey and green compete for a place.

  • Green WANDER SAFARI by Artist PJ Roggeband.
  • Duration: 75 minutes.
  • Various dates on demand.

Price: €10

For more information, please contact [email protected]



ARTZUID Annex Amstelveen

ARTZUID made a side step to Amstelveen in 2019. A solo exhibition by Klaas Gubbels between Museum Jan van der Togt Museum and the Cobra Museum connects the old city centre with the new city centre.

  • 19 May to 15 September
  • Solo exhibition Klaas Gubbels (incl. new work)
  • Existing collection Amstelveen
  • Sculpture route along public art in Amstelveen
  • Starting point: Museum Jan van der Togt

For more information about ARTZUID Annex Amstelveen, please contact [email protected]

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ARTZUID Annex Amstelveen
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