Activities & collaborations

In addition to the guided tours and ART CAMP, Stichting Art Zuid offers other activities such as readings, artist talks and workshops during the Amsterdam Sculpture Biennale ARTZUID 2021. These activities will be announced in the spring of 2021. Stichting Art Zuid is keen to collaborate with other cities and cultural organisations. this has resulted in the collaboration with the Municipality of Amstelveen during the Amsterdam Sculpture Biennale. And this year the collaboration with other Amsterdam cultural institutions as part of the celebration of the Hildo Krop Jubilee year.


Hildo Krop Jubilee Year

In 2020 it will be fifty years since the death of artist Hildo Krop (1884-1970). For forty years he was the city sculptor of Amsterdam. With the theme year Hildo Krop 2020, various organisations are reflecting on the significance of Krop as an artist and idealist.

Five different organisations are organising an activity to honour Hildo Krop. Stichting Art Zuid, for example, will be organising facade sculpture tours of artworks by Krop and his contemporaries, Grand Hotel Amrâth Amsterdam will be offering a special Hildo Krop arrangement, the Hildo Krop Museum will be highlighting the ‘Faun’ (a mythological creature in its work), the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam will be exhibiting furniture and sculptures by Hildo Krop, ARCAM will be commemorating the theme year of Hildo Krop with a large photographic exhibition of contemporary ornament in Amsterdam’s street scene and Museum Het Schip will provide various activities in Amsterdam.

  • Theme year Hildo Krop 2020.
  • Activities by various organizations.
  • Discover Amsterdam through the eyes of Hildo Krop.
stichting art zuid Gevelbeelden tour Hildo Krop

ARTZUID Annex Amstelveen

ARTZUID will fan out again to Amstelveen in 2021. This part of the exhibition is being organised in collaboration with Museum JAN and the Cobra Museum with the aim of connecting the old city centre with the new city centre in Amstelveen.

  • 15 May to 19 September 2021
  • Solo exhibition (incl. new work)
  • Sculpture route along with public art in Amstelveen

For more information about ARTZUID Annex Amstelveen, please contact [email protected]

ARTZUID Annex Amstelveen


ARTZUID Artist Talks

Meet the ARTZUID artists in person!
During the editions of ARTZUID, Artist Talks take place where the visual artist talks about the development of his or her oeuvre, he or she discusses his or her work and work process in more detail, and talks about the pathway to ARTZUID. There will also be a look at the works of art at the exhibition, where the artist will give an explanation about the work. You will have the opportunity to talk to the artist and ask questions.

  • Artist Talk: ±1 hour.
  • Meet the artist in person.
  • Listen to the stories behind the artwork.
  • Location: Information pavilion ARTZUID (Minervalaan 1).
  • Various dates for 2021 not yet available.
  • You can register online as well as on location.